A football program to really
train and compete during
the summer
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We have an original methodology created from the study and formation of our professionals. We believe that the player must be on the center of the learning process and we focus on a combination of practical training and theorical formation with video to achieve this goal.

Audiovisual theory

Theoretical sessions focused on practical training and audiovisual support

Customed advice

Advise about the competition and quarterly individual reports.

Practical session

Dynamic exercises to learn or perfect the technical and tactical fundamentals.

Sports values

Sportive behavior, discipline and responsibility.

Adventure and recreation

We complement the football technification program with dynamic activities of recreation on the natural environment. Exciting activities that connect us to the elements. Activities to share with our companions with safety in order to live an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful areas of Catalonia.

Can you imagine a better way to enjoy the summer than playing football and practicing adventure activities on the sea?